Thursday, March 5, 2009

Stock Market Like a Tracking Poll? Not Really

Facing criticism that his economic policies have been greeted with a steady decline on Wall Street as the stock market hits lows not seen in a decade, President Obama tried to deflect criticism yesterday.
"The stock market is sort of like a tracking poll in politics,'' said the president...

The stock market is not like a tracking poll. In fact, it's not like politics at all. When families are having their savings and 401ks wiped out, it doesn't feel like a bad poll. It feels like their future is slipping away. President Obama is entirely too flippant about the economic realities we are facing. Half of all Americans have money in the market that they are counting on in planning their future. For them, this is not a joke. Leadership is about more than finding other people to blame. It's about finding solutions that actually work.