Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Live-Tweet of Unveiling of Gov. Perdue's Budget

@4please One of the most active state parties in U.S. on twitter. Currently live-tweeting the budget at #ncbudget. Follow us for more. from TweetDeck in reply to 4please

How many jobs is Gov. Perdue claiming to create with this budget? She said that was her priority. #ncbudget from TweetDeck

Replenishing rainy day fund is a good start. Spending less is the only way to stay dry when the rainy day inevitably comes. #ncbudget from TweetDeck

@ryanbeckwith How will we maintain education as a budget priority once the stimulus money runs out? #ncbudget from TweetDeck in reply to ryanbeckwith

Gov. Perdue deserves credit for her efforts to increase transparency in state gov. Taking steps in the right direction here. #ncbudget from TweetDeck

Was that $15 million out of the $21 billion total budget for cleaning up the mental health crisis? Is that enough to do the job? #ncbudget from TweetDeck

Less than 6% of new education spending goes to dropout prevention. Dropout rate remains over 30%. Higher than national average. #ncbudget from TweetDeck

Job cuts in state government hit crime and safety the hardest. http://bit.ly/bSRJd #ncbudget from TweetDeck

Why balance the budget on the backs of some taxpayers least able to afford to pay more in difficult economy? #ncbudget from TweetDeck

Cigarette, alcohol taxes to be raised? Why raise taxes when times are tough? http://bit.ly/1eUs6g #ncbudget from TweetDeck

N.C. Civitas study: State spending has outpaced inflation + population growth by $9 billion over past 5 years. http://bit.ly/VN6hy #ncbudget from TweetDeck

How will Gov. Perdue's budget address unemployment problem in NC and create jobs? http://bit.ly/674HY #ncbudget from TweetDeck

Spending has grown 51% in the past 7 years and #NCGA has blown $3.1 billion in surpluses in past four years http://bit.ly/EfoCU #ncbudget from TweetDeck

Budget Crisis: How did we get here? How can we prevent it from happening again? http://bit.ly/1aHo #ncbudget from TweetDeck