Tuesday, March 10, 2009

McHenry Backs Secret Ballot Protection Act

Press Release
March 10, 2009

WASHINGTON – Congressman Patrick McHenry (NC-10) announced today that he is an original co-sponsor of the Secret Ballot Protection Act. The legislation codifies into federal law an American worker’s right to a secret ballot election when deciding whether to unionize in the workplace.

“The secret ballot is a fundamental right in our democracy. Members of Congress use a secret ballot to vote for their leadership. American workers deserve the exact same right,” stated Congressman McHenry.

The Secret Ballot Protection Act stands in direct contrast to “card check” legislation, which strips workers of their right to a secret ballot election. Union organizers would only have to get signatures on a card from a majority of a business’ employees to form a union.

Former Senator George McGovern, 1972 Democrat presidential nominee and self-described friend of labor unions, opposes card check because of “many documented cases where workers have been pressured, harassed, tricked and intimated into signing cards that have led to mandatory payment of dues.”

The Secret Ballot Protection Act would also protect American workers from being coerced or pressured into joining a union.

A recent economic study regarding the effects of card check legislation found that 600,000 American jobs would be lost the year following its enactment.