Friday, March 13, 2009

Reader Mail: NCAE For Teachers or Democrats?

In a new segment on the blog, we are highlighting the real stories of North Carolinians facing problems with Democrats in the state or the powerful arms of their campaign apparatus. Edward from Halifax wrote into to tell us about an injustice his wife, a teacher, is facing from the North Carolina Association of Educators, the NC affiliate of the NEA. Thanks for sharing your story, Edward.
My wife and I have an issue with the NCAE. They disguish themselves as a "teacher's union," however they appear to us to be an election aid of the the Democratic Party. My wife wanted to cancel her membership and the process has been laborious and full of problems. She sent a message to Halifax County Payroll last August to stop taking out money for NCAE. Payroll starting taking her money in October anyway. We asked it to stop and they said send another letter, which we did in January. (My wife has autodeposit and doesn't watch her check stubs closely and didn't notice the dues until Jan.) They took Jan. anyway, saying the letter arrived too late. Then they took February saying that she couldn't cancel the payroll deduction, only NCAE could do that and we had to contact them. We have, but I am livid and I don't even think it legal that payroll won't stop an optional deduction without the NCAE permission. She doesn't work for the NCAE!

We became disgusted with them last year because of the constant bombardment of vote for me material they sent us and it was ALWAYS the Democrat. NEVER did they send anything positive or supportive of a Republican. She realized they don't represent her and we wanted out. We were suspicious when she joined 3-4 years ago, but didn't want to make waves for her as a new teacher. The last presidential campaign was so over the top, that we don't care anymore and want out. We wanted out in January of '08, but they made us wait, saying she could only stop the payroll deduction in August. We waited, and the situation above has ensued. This can't be legal, but we don't know who to go to. I realize it is a small amount of money, but it is the principal of the thing and if this happens often to many, then it is a large amount of money the NCAE steals from people who want to leave their organization.

We started doing more research last year when the mailing got so aggressive. When we discovered the list of organizations they send our money to, we were sickened. It seems to us they do nothing for teachers and only focus on supporting left wing ideals that we don't believe.