Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Vote For the Republican Ticket!

Voting a straight party Republican ticket requires simple steps and it is good to have a reminder so that voters won't be confused at the polls.

First, mark your ballot for John McCain for President and Sarah Palin for Vice President at the top of your ballot.

Second, mark the Straight Party for the Republican ticket just under the Presidential Contest.

Third, turn your ballot over and vote for judges and local elected nonpartisan offices.

Remember, the North Carolina Republican State Executive Committee has endorsed the following statewide judicial candidates.

N.C. Supreme Court
Robert H. (Bob) Edmunds

N.C. Court of Appeals
Jewel Ann Farlow
Doug McCullough
Dan Barrett
Robert N. (Bob) Hunter, Jr.

So get out and vote and vote early! North Carolina Democrats have controlled almost every area of this state for decades. Want change? Democrats can't bring it. They will do exactly what has been done before. How has that been working out for our education system, our transportation system, our tax system, our businesses, and our economy? Elect Republicans to check the abuses and excesses of Democrat legislatures and governors! We can do better, we will do better, and we will lead our state back to prosperity with new leadership in North Carolina!