Monday, April 13, 2009

"Undemocratic and Offensive"

Chris Fitzsimon of the left-leaning NC Policy Watch, not exactly the best friend of Republicans, is raking N.C. Democrats over the coals for their closed process of budget making in the General Assembly. He calls their actions, "undemocratic and offensive." His critique of Republican legislators' actions is only that they don't complain nearly enough. Not only are Democrats making a mockery of the legislative process, they are trampling our very democratic institutions of government. By not allowing reasonable debate in the N.C. Senate, Majority Leader Tony Rand and other Democrats are forcing votes on a budget very few legislators from either side of the aisle have seen and fully understand. This is not just bad policy. It is dangerous. Deliberative bodies like the N.C. Senate were put in place so that laws would be carefully considered and studied before being foisted upon the public. This is particularly important when our elected representatives are debating the best way to spend more than $20 billion of our money.

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