Thursday, April 16, 2009

Is This Guy Serious?

I'm all for working class Americans paying less in taxes, although I certainly wish it was coupled with reductions in spending at the federal level. That being said, the amount of self-congratulatory back patting going on at the yesterday's press conference with the President was beyond the pale.

In the video below, the President claims his tax relief plan has allowed families to buy their first homes, send children to college, invest in retirement plans, and start new businesses. He also claims to have lifted 2 million Americans out of poverty presumably with the approximate $600 a year in relief of the tax burden for most American workers.

Mr. President, we're talking about $13 a week. That's about the cost of two Starbucks trips per week. It's a little more than one tank of gas per month in tax savings.

Who are you kidding?