Monday, February 16, 2009

What About the Schools We Already Have?

Over at Dome, Democrat Congressman Bob Etheridge is patting himself on the back for the funding he placed in the final version of the "stimulus" bill which will go to constructing new schools in North Carolina.

Put aside for the moment the unintended irony of touting "stimulus" funds as being "for the kids" when it is, of course, our children and grandchildren who be shouldering the load of the debt incurred in this package. We still have one question for Congressman Etheridge.

What about the schools we already have?

The schools that are failing to get one in three high school students to graduate. What will we do to fix those? A first-class education for every North Carolina child should be our goal in our pursuit of a bright future for our children. Self-congratulatory press releases don't addres the fundamental needs of the North Carolina educational system.