Wednesday, February 18, 2009

ICYMI: Local Republicans Slam Obama on Census

Call for help from NC Congressional Delegation

Local and Western North Carolina Republicans are demanding that President Obama not move the authority over the United States Census from the Commerce Department to the White House and is calling on North Carolina's congressional delegation to resist the president's efforts by legislative and legal means, if necessary.

11th District Republican Party Chairman Stephen G. Duncan released an official resolution today on behalf of the leadership of all fifteen counties in North Carolina's 11th Congressional District, which voted unanimously in support of the resolution at its monthly meeting on Monday, February 9.

"This is clearly a power grab by the president and his minions to change the rules of the game," said Duncan. "Asking Rahm Emmanuel to be in charge of the Census is like trusting Bernie Madoff with your grandmother's Social Security check. Not only is it foolish, it's downright dangerous. In a democracy, you can't trust partisans to fairly apply the rules; it's an attack on the very integrity of the system."

The U.S. Census, which is conducted every ten years by mandate of the United States Constitution, is essential in determining how congressional districts are drawn and how federal funds are allocated.

Republicans across the country have expressed outrage at the president's actions, causing even Senator Judd Gregg to withdraw his nomination in protest to be President Obama's new Secretary of Commerce. House Republican leaders have also threatened to take the matter to court if Obama does not reconsider.