Wednesday, January 14, 2009

See! It is Possible!

Governor Mark Sanford (R-SC) has proposed a budget for the new fiscal year that is actually a reduction in spending as opposed to last year. It is possible by applying conservative principles, finding areas of waste, and concentrating on making government more efficient that leaders can save the taxpayers money. In tough economic times, our elected leaders have to lead the way in forcing government to live within its means just as families must do. We can only hope that Gov. Perdue will follow the lead of our neighbor to the south.

Governor issues $5.8B proposal
Spending plan would eliminate several programs

By Yvonne Wenger
The Post and Courier

COLUMBIA — Gov. Mark Sanford released a 300-page prescription Friday for spending $5.8 billion on government in the next fiscal year, a plan he said would put South Carolina back on track after months of dramatically falling tax collections have shrunken South Carolina's state budget to $6.1 billion from more than $7 billion approved last year. ...

“We’ve said for the past four years that you can’t grow government faster than the underlying economy without having to pay for it sooner or later, and it’s unfortunate for everyone that day has arrived.” - Governor Mark Sanford