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NCGOP E-Letter - January 14, 2009

Burr Named Chief Deputy Whip

Press Release
January 14, 2009

U.S. Senator Richard Burr (R-North Carolina) was named by Senator John Kyl of Arizona, the Senate Republican Whip, to serve as Chief Deputy Whip in the 111th Congress. The announcement was made by Senator Kyl earlier today.

“I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about the whip team I’ve assembled,” Kyl said. “Not only do the members represent the diversity within the Republican Conference, but each brings critical skills that will help our leadership develop the successful strategies needed for the session ahead. I’m also excited to put Senator Burr’s outstanding leadership skills to work as Chief Deputy Whip.”

"I am honored that Senator Kyl has asked me to serve as Chief Deputy Whip, and I look forward to working with him. From health care, to education, to getting our economy back on the right track, the votes in the Senate touch on so many important topics, and I look forward to helping articulate our caucus' solutions to the many issues we face,” Burr said. …

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Foxx sponsors bill to stop release of bailout money

By Mark Binker
Greensboro News & Record
January 14, 2009

RALEIGH - Rep. Virginia Foxx hopes to persuade her colleagues not to release the second batch of financial industry bailout money and will press her case before the House of Representatives.

The Banner Elk Republican is the lead author of a measure that Democrats in Congress will have to at least hear before allocating another $350 billion from the Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP.

President George W. Bush has asked Congress to release the second half of a $700 billion bailout passed last fall. The money would be managed by Barack Obama's administration, which takes over Tuesday.

"I didn't approve of what President Bush did and if President Obama does the same thing, I just think it's the wrong approach," Foxx said.

The first half of the money has gone to banks, insurance companies and the like and is different from the much-talked-about stimulus bill for which Obama has been lobbying.

Critics have complained that the bailout funds have been poorly overseen and handed over to private industry with few restrictions.

The original bailout bill gives members of Congress the opportunity to shoot down the second release of funds by putting forward a resolution that must be heard and is free from obstacles that typically restrain legislation out of step with congressional leaders. …

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NCGOP Press Release
January 14, 2009

RALEIGH—Former President Bill Clinton will visit North Carolina later this month to pay back political favors done by State Sen. Julia Boseman and Rep. Heath Shuler during the 2008 campaign.

President Clinton's post-Presidential fundraising activities on behalf of his foundation have been the subject of intense scrutiny as Hillary Clinton undertakes the confirmation process to serve in the Obama administration.

Boseman's various ethical, legal, and moral problems have led to multiple investigations over the course of the last year. In a non-endorsement opinion piece printed in the Wilmington Journal two weeks before the election, editors wrote:

"Julia Boseman cannot be trusted. She believes that despite strong and undeniable evidence that she is a liar, a philanderer, an illegal drug user, and, according to sworn testimony given by a close friend under oath against her last December, a racist, that the voters of District 9 are stupid enough to look past all of that, and re-elect her to a third-term of wasting our time in office. …

"We pray that the voters will retire this disgraceful failure…" (Editorial, Wilmington Journal, 10/21/08)

Heath Shuler has been rumored to be mulling a bid to challenge Sen. Richard Burr in his bid for re-election in 2010.

Chairman Linda Daves, North Carolina Republican Party, made the following statement:

"Just when you think President Clinton could not possibly disgrace his former office anymore than he already has, he is reduced to paying back political favors to Julia Boseman.

Among the questionable characters linked to the former president through his various fundraising activities, we can place Julia Boseman right at the top of the list. Boseman's various moral, ethical, and legal lapses have landed her at the center of several investigations and made her the subject of intolerable claims. Even sources traditionally friendly to Democrats have termed her a 'disgraceful failure' and openly called for her resignation and defeat. She has never shown remorse for her actions so I would not expect anything to change. The former president has also never been one to display scruples when it comes to moral or ethical behavior.

The question remains how Heath Shuler is connected to all of this. Will he attend the Raleigh fundraiser in support of Julia Boseman? Does he support her despite these concerns and ongoing investigations? If Heath Shuler plans to launch a campaign for Senate on the basis of political favors and kickbacks, he is going to have to explain the questionable alliances he forms to North Carolina voters."

See! It is Possible!

Seeing Red Again
January 14, 2009

Governor Mark Sanford (R-SC) has proposed a budget for the new fiscal year that is actually a reduction in spending as opposed to last year. It is possible by applying conservative principles, finding areas of waste, and concentrating on making government more efficient that leaders can save the taxpayers money. In tough economic times, our elected leaders have to lead the way in forcing government to live within its means just as families must do. We can only hope that Gov. Perdue will follow the lead of our neighbor to the south.

Governor issues $5.8B proposal
Spending plan would eliminate several programs

By Yvonne Wenger
The Post and Courier

COLUMBIA — Gov. Mark Sanford released a 300-page prescription Friday for spending $5.8 billion on government in the next fiscal year, a plan he said would put South Carolina back on track after months of dramatically falling tax collections have shrunken South Carolina's state budget to $6.1 billion from more than $7 billion approved last year. ...

“We’ve said for the past four years that you can’t grow government faster than the underlying economy without having to pay for it sooner or later, and it’s unfortunate for everyone that day has arrived.” - Governor Mark Sanford

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The Saddest Thing I've Ever Heard

Seeing Red Again
January 14, 2009

"DOT is in the best condition it has ever been in its 75-year history." Former NC DOT Secretary Lyndo Tippett who led the department for eight years under the Easley administration.

If that were true, it may be the saddest thing I've ever heard. With little else coming out of the NC Department of Transporation other than reports of waste, mismanagement, and political favors, it is hard to believe the above quote. If the DOT is in such great shape, how come our roads have fallen into such disrepair? I was under the impression that the Department of Trasportation was in the business of providing transportation to the state's citizens. I could be wrong. It seems that is not the goal that is actually being pursued by the department. Careful how low you set the bar, NC Democrats. You might just trip over it.

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