Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What kind of bullying is OK?

By Chris McClure
Executive Director, North Carolina Republican Party

The House and Senate will likely be voting on a bill today that will require school districts to adopt anti-bullying policies that identify bullying as acts that may be based on a person's race, religion, physical appearance, or sexual orientation.

Am I missing something? Is defining "bullying" really a necessary job of the General Assembly? Are there school districts out there that are unwilling to punish bullying?

This is typical of Democrats to waste the state legislature's time fixing problems that don't exist by inserting themselves into decisions that are best made at the local level. Of course, bullying should be punished but it should be punished by local school districts, not meddlesome legislators in Raleigh on a power trip. By the way, isn't all bullying wrong even if it does not come within the guidelines of this definition? Would Democrats care to point out for me what types of bullying are acceptable? Are we suddenly to believe that bullying to steal lunch money or to make another kid do your homework is alright?

This is just the kind of bill that takes power out of the hands of local school officials and places it the hands of politicians in Raleigh by substituting their wisdom for the wisdom of teachers and school administrators. With so little wisdom to go around here in Raleigh, Democrats should save it for other endeavors.

Anti-bullying bill ready at General Assembly

RALEIGH, N.C. — The House and Senate are poised to take up a compromise school bullying prevention bill that restores a list of potential bullying activities.

Lawmakers who served as negotiators between competing versions of the measure have completed their work. Final votes in each chamber are expected Tuesday.

The House approved a version last year requiring school districts to adopt anti-bullying and harassment policies. The bill identified potential bullying acts as those that may be based on a person's race, religion, physical appearance or sexual orientation. …

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