Tuesday, July 22, 2008

In Case You Missed It: Washington Times – "The movement is over"

The Obama movement

Washington Times
July 22, 2008,

Barack Obama no longer appears to be the leader of a movement that will herald a "new kind of politics"; he is instead just another candidate running for office.

During the last six weeks, Mr. Obama has erred in making unabashed flips-flops. Despite the increased attention he is currently receiving on his overseas tour, American voters are beginning to see beyond the glitter that the talented speaker dispensed throughout the Democratic primaries and caucuses. Mr. Obama's poll ratings are the lowest since he clinched the nomination in early June, Rasmussen reported. …

Why has Mr. Obama's support eroded in such a short time? There are two factors that are now working against him.

The first is that he has given his Republican opponent vital ammunition. Throughout the Democratic primaries and caucuses, Mr. Obama was especially skillful at preventing Mrs. Clinton from dragging him down from his lofty pronouncements; he did not take her bait by engaging in conventional political attacks and counter attacks. In essence, he killed her candidacy with kindness. Soon after, he began to reverse or "refine" his position on key issues - such as NAFTA, the war on terror, campaign financing, faith-based initiatives, partial-birth abortion, FISA and gun control. He can now be tagged by Mr. McCain as inconsistent and deceptive.

The second factor is that the Iraq surge, which Mr. Obama predicted would fail, is in fact working and is stabilizing Iraq. Thus, his judgment as commander in chief is increasingly in doubt.

Mr. Obama had achieved a hard-earned and high level of trust among American voters -and yet, he foolishly and recklessly squandered it. The movement is over.

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