Friday, May 15, 2009

Easley Fallout Continues

FBI subpoenas Highway Patrol
"The FBI issued a subpoena to the state Highway Patrol today, ordering the agency to produce all records related to private air travel of the Easley family.

The request is made as part of a grand jury investigation, according to the documents. The grand jury meets next week, according to the subpoena, Andy Curliss reports.

Besides seeking information about the private travels of former Gov. Mike Easley, his wife Mary Easley and his son Michael Easley Jr., the subpoena requests documents relating to:

* Payments made in exchange for the air travel.
* Communications with the Easley family regarding the private travel.
* Communications regarding public inquiries surrounding the air travel.
* The state Highway Patrol's records retention policy.
* The retention or destruction of records related to travel by the Easley family."

State to investigate Easley campaign
"The state Board of Elections today launched a criminal probe of the Mike Easley campaign, officially closing the file to public inspection. ... The board has authority to investigate possible campaign law violations."

Campbell resigns from N.C. State
The chairman of the NCSU board has resigned after being asked by UNC System President Erskine Bowles to step down. He has been criticized for allowing former Democrat Governor Easley to fly his jet for free and also recommending Mary Easley for a job with the university.

Although only tangentially related to the Easley investigation, the announcement was awkwardly timed at best. At least this frees up the Attorney General to begin rooting out the corruption in state government by investigating fellow Democrats.