Wednesday, September 10, 2008

NCGOP E-Letter - September 10, 2008


September 9, 2008

RALEIGH—North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Linda Daves released the following statement following tonight's gubernatorial debate hosted by WRAL in Raleigh.

Chairman Linda Daves, North Carolina Republican Party, made the following statement:

“Viewers tuning into tonight's debate were presented with a stark contrast between the two candidates for governor. If voters are satisfied with a 30 percent dropout rate in North Carolina high schools, satisfied with a failed and broken mental health system, and satisfied with the status quo in state government, then electing Bev Perdue will guarantee more of the same. However, if we think that we can do better for our children and fulfill the promise of a quality education that prepares them for a changing economy, then Pat McCrory offers change. If we think that it is possible to create jobs by investing in new energy technologies and reduce our pain at the pump by drilling offshore, then Pat McCrory offers fresh vision. If we think that we can stand up to the same few Raleigh power elites who have been running state government so long that they have run out of new ideas and begun recycling old ones, then Pat McCrory offers strong leadership. The choice is clear. Pat McCrory is the only candidate who can lead us in a new and better direction as the next Governor of North Carolina."


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September 9, 2008

RALEIGH -- In an election for President of the United States in North Carolina Tuesday, Republican John McCain suddenly and breathtakingly surges to a 20-point win over Democrat Barack Obama, 58% to 38%, according to this latest exclusive SurveyUSA election poll conducted for ABC11-WTVD.

In 3 previous SurveyUSA NC tracking polls, McCain had led by 8, 5, and 4 points. Today: 20. McCain has gained ground in every demographic group. Among men, McCain led by 9 last month, 27 today. Among women, Obama led by 2 last month, trails by 12 today. McCain holds 9 of 10 Republican voters; Obama holds 3 of 4 Democratic voters; independents, who were split last month, break today crisply for McCain, where, in the blink of an eye, he is up by 25…

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By Daniel Goldberg
Durham Herald-Sun
September 5, 2008

PITTSBORO -- State and federal governments can boost small businesses in counties like Chatham by getting out of the way, U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Dole told a group of business and community college representatives Thursday.

"There's too much excessive regulation of small business that is strangling small business," Dole said during an early afternoon stop at Central Carolina Community College to speak with members of the Chatham County United Chamber of Commerce. During a question and answer period that lasted nearly 45 minutes, Dole supported greater tax breaks for manufacturers, elimination of the estate tax and giving the go-ahead to oil drilling off the North Carolina coast.

"I think anything we can do to make it a pro-growth climate ... ," Dole said in describing her philosophy for supporting entrepreneurial ventures in Chatham….

Dole said the first step the government must take to respond to concerns about illegal immigration is to secure the borders. She supported regulated programs for guest workers and seasonal workers and blamed the Senate's Democratic leadership for the failure of comprehensive reform. Dole said Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada, the Senate majority leader, introduced a comprehensive bill on a Friday, declared there would be a vote on Monday and then did not allow amendments to the bill.

Enforcement of existing laws is the second step toward immigration reform, Dole said. She stressed the need to give local law enforcement the tools to police illegal activity, such as criminal databases that link states and agencies.

"I think the bottom line of this issue is that we have to restore the confidence of the people," Dole said….

The other topic on Dole's mind Thursday was energy, a matter that she said every small business owner and CEO had in common. She wants to stem the flow of corn for use as ethanol, pointing to rising food costs, and explore oil shale deposits said to be beneath the Rocky Mountains. Dole has also lobbied Gov. Mike Easley for his support in removing a moratorium on offshore oil drilling.

"If it's 50 miles off the shore, I say let's do it, let's drill," she said.

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Office of the State Auditor
Press Release
September 9, 2008


Today, the Council of State unanimously passed a resolution proposed by State Auditor Leslie Merritt to urge NC licensing boards and the General Assembly to offer relief in terms of greater flexibility for National Guard members and Reservists who must maintain professional licenses while on deployment.

“I would like to thank the Council of State for recognizing and addressing a need of Guard members and Reservists who serve on deployment and return to find their professional licenses in jeopardy,” said State Auditor Leslie Merritt.

The need for greater flexibility came to the State Auditor’s attention during preliminary work on a performance audit that is looking into the quality of NC’s veteran’s services. During a focus group of veterans who were gathered to discuss what issues were important to them, the issue of maintaining professional license requirements for Guard and Reservists while on deployment was discussed as an immediate concern.

“The next step in the process is for NC’s legislature, boards and commissions to build on the Council of State’s resolution and revise licensing procedures for our Guard members and Reservists who return from deployment and rejoin NC’s work force,” concluded Auditor Merritt.