Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sen. Boseman: Before raising our taxes, pay your own

By Linda Daves
Chairman, North Carolina Republican Party

Voters of the North Carolina’s 9th Senate District may be interested to know that while supporting nearly every tax increase that has been considered by the N.C. Senate since Sen. Boseman became a member, she has not paid her own taxes. If Sen. Boseman wants to remain in Raleigh and raise our taxes, she ought to be paying her share. For someone who has voted for over $750 million in new taxes, including increasing sales taxes, income taxes, satellite TV taxes, mobile phone taxes, taxes on coffins and increasing fees on driver’s licenses, birth certificates, car registrations and newborn screenings, it is unbelievable that she would refuse to pay $4,700 in property taxes. That is the Raleigh mentality in a nutshell. Absolute power. No accountability.

NC senator defaults on $1.3M mortgage loan

The Associated Press
The Fayetteville Observer
June 10, 2008

A North Carolina state senator and her former domestic partner have defaulted on a $1.3 million mortgage on a New Hanover County home.

Sen. Julia Boseman and Melissa Jarrell have failed to pay the $7,156 monthly payments since last August, according to evidence at a court hearing last week. The home is now scheduled to be auctioned June 25 at the county courthouse, the Star-News of Wilmington reported.

County tax records show $4,700 in taxes are also owed on the property. …

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